InSwitch Freight Offers both heated and refrigerated reefers to ensure the safe shipment of a customer’s product. The specially designed transportation units allow for products to stay warm, cold, or frozen during the shipping process.

 InSwitch Freight fully understands the needs for shipping sensitive products at different temperatures. Our highly trained employees will customize the temperature settings to accommodate customer’s current product shipment. We realize each customer’s perishable product is different with unique temperature settings. Offering reefers and temperature controlled transport allow us to accommodate the customer’s shipment needs.

When shipping sensitive, temperature controlled products; InSwitch Freight's main goal is reaching the predetermined destination in the United States and Canada regions in an efficient, timely manner. We want to ensure the customer’s sensitive product reaches the destination in the same condition as when loaded onto the trucks. Priding ourselves on shipping in the most efficient and safe manner, InSwitch Freight wants the customer to come back for all their future shipping and transport needs.

Using the top of the line temperature controlled equipment, allows InSwitch Freight to provide a wide range of temperature settings to meet each customer’s shipping requirement. Using InSwitch Freight's reefers and temperature controlled transports allows for around the clock dispatch and a wide range of networking partners to ensure the fastest delivery of the sensitive goods.